The following is an excerpt from the book The Well Adjusted Soul.

Daddy, Daddy, I Love You

Christopher’s mother attended a lecture given by a chiropractor-colleague of mine.  He concluded his talk by saying, “I’d like to give each of you a gift – the most precious gift I could ever give anyone.  That’s the chance for each of you here tonight to give a free Chiropractic checkup to someone you love.  I’m not saying I can help.  All I’m saying is that it’s worth it to find out.”

So little Christopher’s mother went up to the doctor and said, “My son is autistic; have you ever worked  on an austic child?”

“To be honest, I never have, but I can tell you this; a malfunctioning nervous system will destroy your health.  And I’d like the chance to find  out if Chiropractic care can make a difference for him.”

So Christopher’s mother brought him in  for a Chiropractic assessment.  After the boy’s third adjustment, the doctor asked his mother to write him a testimonial letter.

She wrote, “My son, Christopher, is six-years old and he’s autistic.  Christopher has been adjusted just three times by our chiropractor and I’ve seen an amazing difference.  I noticed Christopher playing less on the computer at home and spending more time interacting on a one-on-one basis with other people.

Christopher’s aide and teacher at school mentioned that he was more focused this week, and was less irritable.  His printing and colouring have shown marded improvement.  His teacher is quite unaware of the Chiropractic care he is receiving.”

His mother went on to say that Christopher usually gets somewhere between 60% and 80% on his spelling tests.  For the first time in his life, after three adjustments, he got 100% this week.

But, you know what?  That’s not where the story ends.

Christopher’s father works overseas; and his dad came home for Christmas.  He was expecting his son to greet him at the airport the way Christopher had met him his entire life – looking down at the ground and just shaking his head.  You see, Christopher had never, ever, looked his dad in the eyes.

This time, Christopher ran toward his father with his head held high and looked his dad squarely in the face.  Christopher’s father’s heart broke when his son opened his mouth and said, “Daddy, daddy, I love you!”

Chiropractors can change the world.  If all each us of ever did in our entire lives was to adjust one child and bring about that result in him – if that’s all a chiropractor did in his entire life – I have absolutely no doubt that the chiropractor would say, “It’s been worth being a chiropractor!”

David Singer, DC

David Singer Enterprises

Clearwater, Florida