Active Release Therapy

General Information

  • Active Release Therapy (ART) has been granted a medical patent.
  • An ART provider is trained to palpate and treat more than 300 muscular injuries and over 100 nerve entrapments, which can often cause numbness and tingling.
  • An ART provider is qualified to diagnose and treat over 400 structures.
  • There is no limitation to what injuries or conditions an ART provider can see.

What causes the pain?

  • Soft tissue conditions usually do not show up on radiographic studies.
  • When there is an injury to the soft tissue, scar tissue is formed. Scar tissue may stick to adjacent structures restricting range of motion which will restrict range of motion and may cause compression over nerves or blood supply.
  • An experienced ART provider can easily diagnose and treat soft tissue conditions.

What can you expect?

  • The practitioner will use motion to fix the problem.
  • Once an assessment is done the practitioner will use hands on treatment and patient motion to free up problem areas.