Personal Training

Here at Optimum Potential, we have available one qualified personal trainer as well as one chiropractor who compliment each other in designing a program for you. Whether it be a rehabilitation, general fitness, or weight loss program, your program will be designed to meet your needs. Whatever your goals are, we will help you accomplish them.

Initial consultation – we will sit down and gather some information to design an individualized program for you. We will start by doing a BIA which will give us a base line for your lean body mass and fat mass as well as other valuable information. We also do measurements as this is a valuable tool to recheck as you go to see the changes that occur.

Second visit – we will go over your program together in detail. The frequency of your next visits will be decided by you and the personal trainer together. Included in these visits will be program reviews, new programs, measurements and BIA’s.

Training sessions can be done on an individual basis or group setting.