General Information

  • 75% of the population will suffer from foot related problems but only 2% will seek help.
  • People will experience pain or discomfort in the feet, ankles, knees, legs, hips or lower back, most people do not relate this pain to the true source – their feet.
  • As you walk or run, a force of 2-3 times your body weight lands on your feet, up to 15,000 times a day.
  • Doctors and scientists know that with the proper orthotics, many problems with the feet, legs and lower back can be remedied.
  • 27 major league baseball teams and 13 national football teams use force plate technology to provide them with accurate assessment and production of quality orthotic products. Many ski professionals throughout the world use orthotics to improve their performance.
  • There are specific orthotics that range from use in running shoes, and men’s and women’s dress shoes. There are also orthotics made for specific sports such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, soccer and tennis. There are also specific orthotics for arthritic and diabetic people.
  • At Optimum Potential, we use the TOG force plate gait analysis system along with usual physical examination procedures.

How does the TOG system work?

  • You walk across a computerized pressure plate that’s connected to a computer. As you walk, the pressure plate captures the motion and timing of your foot throughout the gait cycle. This data is analyzed by the computer to produce instant 2D and 3D graphic images of the pressures under your feet that you can see on the screen. This information is reviewed by the assessing chiropractor. This, along with physical examination information, is then sent to The Orthotic Group (TOG) via modem where sophisticated diagnostic software specifies the prescription for your custom orthotics and can generate a comprehensive gait and pressure analysis. Custom made orthotics can then be fabricated using this leading edge technology.
  • Select companies are used for specific custom made orthotics footwear. We also use The Orthotic Group, Atlas Orthotic Lab and Footmaxx. These options give us a variety of shoes and sizes. Please come in and view our display of sample shoes and browse through our catalogue.
  • You can view the catalgues online by visiting their websites at: www.theorthoticgroup.com  Password TOGShoes and  www.atlasfootweardirect.com.